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Irish Rovers - Pigs Cant Swim tab

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[G]I once had a pig that [D]loved me.
He lived in a shed in the [G]country.
In a middle class district of [C]Dunfries.
[D]But a sad kind of pig was [G]he.

[G]Pigs can't swim and [D]pigs can't fly
But Pigs can see the [G]wind go by.
Pigs make lovely [D]household friends.
When winter comes then [G]summer ends.

[G]Each week that lofty [D]beasty - 
Would beg with eyes so [G]misty.
To take him over to [C]England.
[D]His life's dream to [G]fulfill.

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[G]He wants to plunge into the [D]channel 
Swim to France would be his [G]gamble
Florence Chadwick couldn't hold a [C]candle
[D]To such a daring pig as [G]he.


(This verse sung in pigs perspective - silly falsetto)
[G]So then I came up to him [D]askin'
will our friendship not be [G]lastin'
and he told me I was [C]graspin' 
[D]and he needed to be [G]free!


[G]So will you take me there [D]tomorrow
In a pigs eye I said with [G]sorrow
So he drown himself in the [C]bath tub (Naughty Boy)
[D]And I had pork chops with my [G]tea!


[G]Early in the [D]morning 
so early in the [G]morning
so early in the [C]morning 
[D]before the break of [G]day
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