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Iron And Wine - Sleeping Diagonally tab

Tabbed by: PrinceHustler
Sleeping Diagonally by Iron And Wine

Tuning: Standard
Capo III (if you don't want to use/don't have a capo, just barre the third
fret and play it like a capo)
All tabbing relative to capo


Somehow when you laid here by my side 
Somethin’ whispered words like rain is falling 
Heavy, and she hated, loved to fight 
Someone from the sun-cracked sidewalk calling out, “Yoo-hoo” 

“Hey, uh huh” 

Sometime I may trade this bone-tired fist 
Somewhere I’ll remove this mattress lying 
Heavy as a healing word and wind 
Someone from the sun-cracked sidewalk calling out, “Yoo-hoo”

Im pretty sure this song has two guitars, or a guitar with a banjo. However,
these tabs are def playable and its pretty easy to sing with them.
Listen to the recording for timing.

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