Iron And Wine - Lovesong Of The Buzzard tab

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Band: Iron and Wine
Song: Lovesong Of The Buzzard
Album: The Shepherd's Dog

Sounds good enough if you're just wanting to strum along to this song without having to
tuning like in the other tab of this song, enjoy. Timing on chord changes isn't exact,
i'm sure you'll get it. I've also only tabbed out the first verse as the chord changes 
the same for each of them.

Intro: Bb  F  x 2

Bb                                        F
  In the failing light of the afternoon

Bb                                         F
  Lucy in the shade of the dogwood blooms

Bb                                       F
  Yesterday the solace of a poison fish

Bb                                               C
  Tomorrow I'll be kissing on her blood red lips

No one is the saviour they would like to be
The lovesong of the buzzard in the dogwood tree
With a train of horses laughing through the traffic line
And the cradle's unimaginative sense of time

Springtime and the promise of an open fist
A tattoo of a flower on a broken wrist
Lucy tells me jokingly to wipe her brow
With a pocket map to heaven and the sun goes down
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