Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan - Deus Ibi Est tab

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Note: The other tab wasn't completely correct so I made some adjustments to it. Listen 
for the correct timing of the chords, it isn't that hard. Feel free to correct me if I'm 
somewhere. Have fun!

  Gm   F   Gm
E 3----8---10-|
B 3----10--11-|
G 3----10--12-|
D 5----10--12-|
A 5----8---10-|
E 3----X---X--|



Gm                                  F
Against my will to these sad shores An unknown force has drawn me
Gm                          F
Bound unto a future shaped by ancestors before me
Gm           F              Gm                 F
Day on day I march the beat to someone else's drum
Gm           F              Gm                 F
I have searched far foreign lands there's nowhere left to run

Chorus - Note, not played until after 2nd verse

Gm    F     Gm    F
Ubi caritas et amor
(Where there is tender care and love)

Gm    F
Ubi caritas
(Where there is tender care)

Gm   F   Gm
Deus ibi est
(God is present)
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