J Williams - You Got Me chords

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Awesome song by J Williams & Scribe
The chords are the same the whole way through.

(INTRO) F   C    Am   G  x2
It's just me and you baby (oh no)
We gon' take over this world

It was you, that got me
I thought I was out
You stopped me
I knew I was at my worst 
F                 C
Then you came and blew me off my feet
Tell me (T-tell me) Tell me
Please can you help me..
F               C
Help me, do you think that we can be
Am                    G
Cause I never thought love would take me this quick
F                              C
A few months and it feels like years
every year I will still be here
I never thought I could fall for someone

I was lost
baby girl you found me
Am                               G
Didn't know you at first but you got to me slowly
F                    C
So I'm reassured you know that you got me 
Am                             G
So let me take these words and tell everybody that...

F           C
You got me, you got me, (you got me)
Am        G        
You, you, you, you, you yeah
F           C
you got me, you got me (you got me)
Am        G
you, you, you, you, you yeah

Cause I knew this ain't no dream
first time you came to me (Came to me)
Fantasy (fantasy)
Still I had to rehearse
in my mind words
(I) Couldn't really get right
Still (you) listened to every word
So I knew that you were right

For me
you making me think twice
and music is nothing
without you right here
If you ain't by my side
so we gonna ride or die
and this songs for you baby
Yours Truly

Can't believe
I found my destiny
Never believed destiny until I met you
Now I see my future
My lady
I'm standing right here
With you by my side...

You got me, you got me
You, you, (by my side) you, you, you yeah
You, got me, (you got me) you got me
You, you (baby) you, you, you yeah
You got me, (you got me baby) you got me, (you got me baby)
You, you, you, you, you yeah (oh no)
You got me, (it's scribe yo) you got me (you got me)
You, (J. Wills) you, you, you, (look?) you yeah

Hey baby you got me
Like a bullet shot me
Right through my ventricle
Don't know what I'm meant to do

Baby now you got me
Like Adrian got Rocky
Imma be the champion
cause now that I got you
Nothing can stop me

Even though I built those walls between us
you unblocked me
they say love is blind
and i can definitely not see

I adore you baby your the freakin' best
if your world starts falling down
You got nothing left
Don't forget'get

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