Jacco Gardner - Puppets Dangling chords

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Jacco Gardner - Puppets Dangling

Not entirely sure about the lyrics.


(There is no guitar the first time)

Cm             Gm
The world goes crazy for a while
Cm             Gm
I'd be waiting hours for a smile
Cm             Gm
I just need to wake up to find
Cm                       Gm
That my troubles are all making me blind

G D# A Dm
G D# A Dm

  Dm                F                Cm
I sometimes got the feeling that I'm locked inside again
Am              G#            D#
And I've got to win before my world will go insane
  Dm             F            Cm
I pray against a stormy night thunder in the sky
    Am               G#             Cm
And I don't know the ending for the smoke inside my eyes

Puppets dangling on golden strings \
Em                                  \
They are controlled by many things   \
D#maj7                                 x2
Pushed around by heavy winds         /
Em                                  /
Trees stand tall and start to sing /

Repeat all over - second time, do play along with both verses.
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