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Jack Johnson - They Do They Dont Acoustic chords

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I just watched an acoustic version on youtube 
and figured it out.  The strumming is pretty simple, just listen to the song.  
Hope you find this helpful.


G: 320033
F#/C#: x4432x
B/F#: 224432
Em: 022000
A: x02220

G                     F#/C#
Tied down against the tracks
Screamin' in silent black and white

You trust us
We are such villains
We will tell ourselves anything we want to hear

If we are willin’
G               F#/C#
To listen is to learn
And too much is what we deserve
And how come when we say that we do; we don’t
Can pray to anybody you want; we won’t

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
G                                  A
If were the ones to blame then the fruit

It shouldn’t taste so good
We were used
To think we got nothing to lose
We’re losin’ everything but the truth
Is walkin’ straight into a road block, bendin’

Left, it ended
G                                             A
Your point of view is chosen by the serpent’s rules

Rinse and repeat :D
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