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Jack Johnson - Its All Understood tab

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awsome mellow song by Jack
got this off his dvd.
first tab so let us know.
by Phil slabba

listen for strum pattern.

A# F  A  Dm Cm


A# F A Dm-Cm x2


A#                        F
Everyone laughed at her joke 
A                                   Dm  Cm
As if they'd never even heard it before 
A#                          F
And maybe they were truly amused 
A                                    Dm  Cm
But every word that she spoke was a bore 
A#                                F
And maybe it's because they had seen
A                         Dm  Cm
The previews on the TV screen 
A#                                F
Well this part is good and that's well understood
               A                        Dm  Cm
So you should laugh if you know what I mean

CHORUS          (strum pattern changes a little- hold the A for a fraction longer)

A#           F
But it's all relative
A                      Dm-Cm  
Even if you don't understand
A#             F 
Well it's all understood
A                            Dm-Cm
Especially when you don't understand
A#                 F                  
Then it's all just because
A                    Dm-Cm 
Even if we don't understand
A#                   F         A     Dm-Cm 
Then lets all just believe

Pretty much the same for the rest of the song.

Funny bit right at the end:
A#                A#
But there you go once again
F                        F
You missed the point and then you point
Your fingers at me
    Dm         Cm            A#          F
And say that I said not to believe
I believe
   Dm        Cm   A#
I guess it's all relative

And thats all ive got.
Hunch Pak
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