Jack Johnson - Constellations tab

CAPO 1ST FRET. Capo = 0 fret. Standard tuning.

                                   C             Bm without pinky

To me it wasnt clear how to play the verse so I figured it out.
First verse, play G chord like this - use your pinky when going to 5th fret
and your ring finger to move to 3rd and 2nd fret (it's a bit weird but it works). 
I think Jack plays it in different tuning but in standard tuning like this sounds good to me.
 DU   DU  DU  DU  D   UDU

and then "The children's laughter sang"

     C     C with pinky on 4th fret
     DU   DU      DU   DU     DU


    G - Fmaj - C -  D

Struming is DU DU. The second DU is stronger than the first one.

In the end play the Intro again

So this is how I play the verse. Dont have the solo.
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