Jack Johnson - I Got You tab

This is a really nice song by Jack. This is a standard Tuning version of the song that I 
tabbed out(the recording is in open B or open Bb...) It's from a video I saw on 
martyzsongs YouTube page. I Think it sounds pretty decent and wanted to share.

So all credit goes to Marty Schwartz

Capo 4


(C) (C2)(C3)(C4)(G) (G2)(G3)(D) (D2)(Em)(Am7)


  C2  C3   G1             C2  C3   G1G2 G3   C2  C3   G1
  d d      d u d u u d u  d d      d d   u   d d      d u d u u d

(fill for D chord)
  D D2  D
  d d   u   u d      d  u  d d

  C   C4    C     G                  D
|-x x-x-----x-x-x-3-X-3-3-X-3--------x-x-X-x-x-x-x---------------|
  d u d     u d u d d u u d u        d u d u u d u     d  u  d d


 Em  G     Am7 C  G
  d x u u d u...

Well that's about it. If you listen to the song it shouldn't be all that hard to figure out
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