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Jack Johnson - Poor Taylor tab

Poor Taylor - Jack Johnson

Tabbed by Seanoss Demestoss Asbestos Malestos Infectos (it's ok to tell)

Standard tuning, no capo.

This song sounds awesome if you do it right and do it well and do it on a good acoustic guitar.
You'll need to listen to the song a bit too to get the strumming going right and the solo funky.
The solo has gotta be played funky or else it wont sound good.  Get some diagonal head nodding
movement in there too if you can, every bit helps.

Play E minor7 like this: it sounds better

Em7:	 1234

I'll assume you know F, C and Am.  If not, you wont be good enough to get through this song anyway.

// = slap
h = hammer on
p = pull off
s = slide

Normal strumming for the intro, no muting.  Listen to the track for the strum pattern.

C	 Em7	      Am
She just wanders around

F	     C      Em7         Am
unaffected by the winter winds here

F                    C        Em7	   Am
and she pretends that she's somewhere else

    F 		 C
so far and clear

Em7	     Am	       F
two thousand miles.... from here

rip straight into the solo, nice and funky now:

e       --------------------------------------------------------|
B       --------------------------------------------------------|
G       --------------------------------------------------------|
D       --------------------------------------------------------|
A       -------1h3--//---1h3p1-----1----1-----------------------|
E       ------------------------3---------3p1---0h1--//---------|

e       --------------------------------------------------------|
B       --------------------------------------------------------|
G       --------------------------------------------------------|
D       ----------------------------1h3p1---1-------------------|
A       -----------1-1--1-1h3--//---------3---3p1---------------|
E       -1-1h2h3----------------------------------3---0h1-1-//--|

e       ----------------------------------------------------------|
B       ----------------------------------------------------------|
G       ----------------------------------------------------------|
D       ---------------------------------3-3h5-5p3-1--------------|
A       -----1-----1-----1-----1h3-//----------------3p1----------|
E       -1h3---1h3---1h3----1----------------------------0h1-1-//-|

						hammer the D string here while
		  C - let chord ring	  C C  	strumming and strum back into verse
e       ----------0-----------------------0-0-------------------|
B       --4-4-4---1---3s5-5s3-1-1---------1-1-------------------|
G       --2-2-2---0---------------0h2p0---0-0-------------------|
D       --3-3-3---2-----------------------2-2-0h2---------------|
A       ----------3-----------------------3-3-------------------|
E       --------------------------------------------------------|

ok the strumming in this next bit is different from the start.  Jack is picking
the top string of the chord TWICE (so the A string for the C, Em7 and Am chords and the E
string for the F chord) and then strums the chord ONCE and then up-strums and changes to the
next chord, all with just a wee bit of palm muting.  You'll have to listen to the song
carefully to hear what he's doing.  Anyway, here's the next bit:

C			Em7
Taylor was a good girl never one to be late,

Am		   F		C	Em7	 Am 	F
complain, express ideas in her brain.

C			   Em7
Workin' on the night shift passing out the tickets,

Am			     F
you're gonna have to pay her if you wanna park here.

C	Em7	Am	F

C			     Em7
Well mommy's little dancer has quite a little secret

Am			 	 F
she's workin on the streets now, never gonna keep it.

C	Em7	Am	F

C			 Em7
It's quite an imposition and now she's only wishin'

Am			     F
that she would have listened to the words they say

C	Em7	Am	F
			.....Poor Taylor :(

After singin' "Poor Taylor" launch straight back into the solo.  It's the exact same solo as above.
Then, next verse:

C		Em7		     Am		F
peter patrick pitter patters on the window

C		    Em7         Am	F
but sunny silhouette wont let him in.

C		    Em7			  Am	      F
Poor old Peter's got nothing cos he's been fallin'

	C	     Em7	Am	 	F
somehow Taylor knows just where he's been.

	       C		    Em7		 Am	F
He thinks that singin' on Sundays gonna save his soul

C	 Em7  	       Am	F
Now that Saturday's gone.

C		Em7	     Am		F
Sometimes he thinks that he's on his way

	  C	Em7	Am
But I can see,

	  F			C -> straight into last few chords:
that his brake lights are on.

the last couple of chords to end the song I dont know exactly what they're called,
but they slide up from the C and go a little somethin' like this:

Ch1:	 1234567   Ch2:  1234567	Ch3:	 1234567
    e-------    e-------        e--------|
    B--x----    B----x--        B-----x--|
    G-------    G-------        G--------|
    D---x---    D----x--        D------x-|
    A-------    A-------        A--------|
    E-------    E-------        E--------|

C	Ch1	Ch2	Ch3		     C	      Ch1
		    if Taylor finds a better world

Ch2     Ch3			play C without 3rd finger, then slide right up the neck to end the song!
   then Taylor's gonna run away
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