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Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams Medley tab

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Chords used - Bm / C#m / F#m / D7 / G#m

Bm              C#m          F#m          D7            G#m

e--2--         --4---       --2--          --6--        -4-- 
B--4--         --6---       --2--          --7--        -4--
G--4--         --6---       --3--          --6--        -5--
D--4--         --6---       --4--          --8--        -6--
A--2--         --4---       --4--          --6--        -6--
E-----         ------       --2--          -----        -4--



Begin by running through chords once - Bm / C#m / F#m / D7

         Bm    C#m               F#m                        D7 
I wanna wake up, and find my way out from in between these dreams

                         Bm        C#m             F#m                  D7
Its better when we're together baby, you look so pretty sleepin next to me 

                    Bm  C#m            F#m                        D7   
but you never never know, we feel so certain but we dont know a thing

                   Bm                          C#m   
except for when i wake up in the mornin and im sittin in the shade eatin 

F#m                 D7
banana pancakes we made

                  Bm  C#m                F#m      D7                
But all the good people, really arent so hard to find - 

theres no other way

when my mind is a mess well i think that its best that we wait, 

                       G#m                   C#m   
so im sittin, waitin, wishin, that you would believe

                      G#m                        C#m  
in some kind of superstition baby, and then you can see..

                   Bm                      C#m                         F#m
if we staple it together, and call it bad weather , ohh nah, here i come

Riff 1

now here i come...

end on F#m
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