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Jack White - Hip Eponymous Poor Boy chords

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G,F#,E,D x 3
C,B,A,G x 1

                    G                          D       
Well I get into the game, but it's always the same
                      G                  C        D     G
I'm the man with the name Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, Poor Boy
Call me whatever you may, I ain't stoppin' the train
                      G                  C         D    G
I get a feel for the fame Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, poor boy

       C                  G
And I know that I can't defeat you
                 D                           G
Yea, you don't worry now, I ain't going to preach to you
Well, there ya go
But I'll be going right there with you
                      D                       G
Yeah wherever you'll be, you'll be lookin' at me

But don't get out of your chair
                   D                             G
Put a bow in your hair, you might be makin' 'em stare
                          C             D    G
So leave the care to the poor boy, the poor boy
And that's the name of the game
                     D                     G
Keep on stayin' the same, ain't nobody to blame
                C             D    G
Nobody but the poor boy, the poor boy

       C                G
Well okay, so you fell asleep today
                D                                G
What's funny to me though is that you did that yesterday
You might think I'm mad
For doing all the things that I don't need to do
                             D                             G
But while you're laughin' at me, well I'll be laughin' at you

                   G                            D                 
So I get into the game, but always keep it the same
And I'll be usin' your name, 
                               C        D    G
but they'll be yellin' at me "Poor boy,poor boy"
                       G                             D  
But I'll be happy for you, cause you got nothin' to do
                          G                              C       D    G
And I'll be singin' the blues, walkin' around singin' "Poor boy,poor boy"

     C                             G
Sometimes a cold shiver comes over me
                D                            G
And it turns me on when the song takes over me
      C                                       G 
But alright, I can't fight it the odds are against me
But I can't sit still
Because I know that I will

                           G                      D
And you'll be watching me girl, takin' over the world
                  G                            C         D    G          
Let the stripes unfurl, gettin' rich singin' "Poor boy, poor boy"
                       G                   D 
And I'll be comin' to play, I do it every day
                     G                  C         D    G
And the title will stay, Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, poor boy (Yeah) 

Same chords as intro for outro
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