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Jack White - Missing Pieces chords

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Jack White
"Missing Pieces:
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standard tuning

          (x11)                     G   F (x4)

G                        C                 F
I was in the shower so I could not tell my nose was bleeding
G                           C             F
Dripped down my body to the floor right below my feet and
G                             C                F
I looked in the mirror at my face, I thought I had a disease

G  C  F

G                            C             F 
And there's a woman with her fingers in my ice box
G                                  C           F
She flipped around and cold out asked me if I'm okay
G                          C                F
She put the ice up on my tongue and then it melted away
G                          C                F
G                    C             F
Speak easy, make her mine if she's bored, yeah
G            C              F
There's a ? ceiling that is out of my reach

G  C  F

G  F (x2)

G                C          F 
I woke up and my hands were gone, yeah
G                    C          F
I looked down and my legs were long gone
G                       C                   F
I fell forward with my shoulder, but there's nobody there

G  C  F

G                                   C          F 
I thought she left a note, just the tag of the pillow there
G                           C         F
And then I noticed that the rag next to my ear
G                                C              F
The clock was ringing, but there wasn't nothing that I could hear

G  C  F
G  C  F (x4) behind solo

G  F (x4)

G  C  F (x8) behind organ solo

G  F (x4)

G                 C             F
Sometimes someone controls everything about you
G                                C          F
And when they tell you that they just can't live without you
G                         C           F
They ain't lyin', they'll take pieces of you
And they'll stand above you and walk away
                        *play intro riff over last line
That's right and take a part of you with them Explain
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