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Jackie Deshannon - A Proper Girl tab

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A Proper Girl

Cm           Bb             Cm                Bb            Cm  
If I lose my love to her is not because she’s prettier than I am
                   Bb                Cm                Bb        Cm  
There’s so much he longs for and she gives him so much more than I can
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Cm              Bb      G#         D#         Bb        G# 
What’s a proper girl to do when he tempts her more each day
         D#     Bb      G# Bb Fm                  Bb            Cm
What’s a proper girl to do-oo when she feels her love slipping away

She keeps him so satisfied, I must do what he wants or live my life without him
But I don’t think I could go on if I found out I was wrong about him

Chorus (2X)  

by: José Duarte
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