Jackie Deshannon - Hold Your Head High tab

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Hold Your Head High

Intro: G#  F#  G#  F#

      G#                             F#  
Donít cry little girl cause he donít walk with you now
And he donít talk with you now
Well you got to take it somehow
        G#                             F#  
Now donít cry little girl cause heís not with you today
You know you canít run away
Heís gonna need you someday

D#7               G#                  Fm 
So hold your head high when he passes you by
You know heís your guy
Bb7               D#
So hold your head high  

Come on and smile little girl, youíve got to put on a show
And donít let any one know
Just how heís hurt you so


Instrumental verse + chorus

by: Josť Duarte
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