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Jackie Greene - Travelin Song chords

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Soooo ya.. first tab. this song is a fun one to play if you know how to fingerpick like 
dylan or Jackie Greene.
It'd be too annoying to tab it all out but i can place the chords for you guys

Travelin' Song
Capo 4th fret
C* (pinky on third fret of E string)
Am* (same as above)

simple enough right?

C* Am* F C F G Am

Verse 1

C*                                    Am*
Well I woke up Wednesday morning with bad weather in my brain
F         C      F                G
Lay awake awhile ignoring all the rain
C*                        Am*
Everybody's talking about who they plan to be
F           C        F               G
Everybody's talking everybody except me


Am                                         Em
no one cares about your heartache or which lonely town you're from
F                                 C              G
You gotta take your salvation boy however it may come
Am                                Em
And i can't help but think about what I done wrong
F                       C         G        Am
to deserve this roamin', this travelin' song

and the rest of the song follows that pattern.
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