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Jackopierce - More Than He Could Give tab

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From ejeschke@phoenix.Princeton.EDUTue Nov 18 08:04:52 1997
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 15:34:57 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Jeschke 
Subject: TAB: more than he could give by Jackopierce

 			-More Than He Could Give-
	     	 by Jackopierce on "Woman as Salvation"

Each - represents a thirty-second note with each chord lasting 1 full beat
in 4/4 time. This is to let a little space to make the tab legible. The
capo is on the third fret and all fingerings are relative to that

Intro and Verses:

    A min   E min  C maj 7
E -----------------------------0---|
B -1*--1-0-----0-------0---------0-|
G -----2-0-------0-------0---2-----|
D ---2-------2-------2-----0-------|
A -0-------2-------3---------------|
E ---------------------------------|

The * denotes that this C (E flat) is only played during the intro which
are after each chorus and the first time the progression is played in the
[ Tab from: ]

     C9              D sus2 (4 Beats total)        C9       D sus2
E ---------   -----0-------0---2----2/3/2------  --------   -0-------|
B -----3---   -------3-------3-----------3-----  ----3---   -3-------|
G -------0-X4 ---2-------2-----------------2---  ------0-X4 -2-------|
D ---2-----   -0-------0-------0-------------0-  --2-----   -0-------|
A -3-------   ---------------------------------  3-------   ---------|
E ---------   ---------------------------------  --------   ---------|

She walked in the room where he
Lay his head for the last time
She spoke to the icons on the wall
They lost their amber glow
She cried
La la..

Cold pavement under her feet
As she walked away from that room
As she experienced the death and the decay


All she wanted was more than he cold give
All she wanted was for him to live
She cried

La la...
(Verse 2 )

She walked in the room where he
Lay his head for the last time
She spoke but her words
They silently fell to the floor

She looked like the blanche on the window shade
She could not believe it
She hoped the inevitable would be postponed
But it already came
All she wanted was for her son to live

	-Eric C Jeschke                -
	-Go Hoos!                      -
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