Jackson Browne - Colors Of The Sun chords

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Colors of the sun
Flashing on the water top
G           G7sus4
Echo on the land

Picking for a coin
Many other tiny worlds
G               G7sus4
Singing past my hand

 C              Em               Am
Awake to understand you are not dreaming
             F                     G
It is not seeming just to be this way
 C                Em           Am
Dying men draw numbers in the air
 F                                C    G
Dream to conquer little bits of time
 C                 Em                 Am
Scuffle with the crowd to get their share
 F                                     G
And fall behind their little bits of time

Bridge:  C Em Am Am/G F C 
G Am F D G |G

Voices in the air
Sympathetic harmony
G                G7sus4
Coming from the trees

Hanging at my door
Many shiny surfaces
G               G7sus4
Clinging in the breeze

 C                   Em           Am                                                     
          Oh, leave me where I am I am not losing
           F                     G
If I am choosing not to plan my life
 C               Em              Am
Disillusioned saviors search the sky
 F                                C   G
Wanting just to show someone the way

 C               Em           Am
Asking all the people passing by
 F                         G
Doesn't anybody want the way

 C                 Em       Am
I say goodbye to Joseph and Maria
 F            C           G
They think I see another sky
 C                   Em                Am
And from my fallen window I still see them
 F                             G
I'll never free them from the sky
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