Jaime Preciado - Im The Secret chords

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Intro: E Asus2 x9

                       E       Asus2    E               Asus2
and i just fell in the deep end, like a lush without her weekend
                     E      Asus2     E                Asus2
but i wrote this for you kid. its not what i wanted, i need it.
but man its a long trip, from all the crazy things I've seen in this world
I'm blessed, I guess.

                    C#m                      Asus2
but what if i was a secret, and you couldn't keep it.
    E                                          Asus2
and i swear i saw something good in your eyes before.
                        C#m                       Asus2
and if i sang it in the right key and i asked you politely
                  E        Asus2
for you to find a way home.

i find it difficult to sleep when all the walls they just seem to speak to me.
and its kind of funny that i laugh because my hearts so fucked up
i can barely stand the sights and sounds of the cars outside, the red and 
greens on the traffic lights. the only thing i got is this, the only thing i
 want is this...
memories that make me smile, a girl to stand there so she can admire the way
 i can never ever really keep my hands to myself. but the alcohol it taste 
so sweet, when its mixed with lies and defeat of all the battles i lost and 
lost again.

                         E                    Asus2
but what if you were the secret, and i didn't see it
      E              Asus2                  B
and i swear to god i wish these thoughts of mine
                 C#m                      Asus2
could create the sunshine as beautiful as your eyes
               E         Asus2
I'd paint this night sky.
                     C#m                             Asus2
and its not like you need this, i just wanted you to see it

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