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Jakalope - Upside Down And I Fall tab

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Upside Down (And I Fall) by Jakalope

Am       C           G   C
Find comfort in the unknown
Am      C              G     C
Making friends with a foe
Am        C           G
Come and get me lets go
C                      Am
Walk down a blinding road
       C            G
Where light makes fast
Go slow

Am          C             G    C
Catch the world sleeping in
Am     C       G      C
Go devour it whole 
Am        C
Every smile
       G   C
Every confusion
      Am    C      G
Just go on, go on, go on

D           F
Dive into a photobooth
C            G
Snap it for Japan, yeah oh
D             F         
Crawl in to a corner, and creep into

     Am     C
The upside down
G          C
I've been breakin baby
Am         C
Turn me down
G          C
I've been shakin lately

Am             C
Take a little time
G                         C
Would you mess around my mind
Am         C          G  
You just drip, drip, drip
and I...

Am    C     G     C

Continue the same way.
When the guitar solo is being played, the backround guitar keeps playing, "Am   C   G   C".

Good luck!!

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