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Jal - Humein Itna Pyar Na Karo tab

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tablature:em g d a c g/c eM b dM am b, a 

            Em                 g
           d                   a 
Humein itna payar na karo ka hum pagal ho jaiyan

        c                   g/c
kay hum ji na pain
       eM                       b
key hum ji na payain
        dM                         am
        bm                          a
humain itna tanha na choro kay hum mar jayain

      the same pattern is repeated again and again 
then some guitar starts again that is

   C                              g

  am                                b
  b                              d

then dont push chords and put your hand on chord the (tik tik )noise will
come repeat this after every chord which will come now:

 c                                 d
 a                                  b
dM                                  gM
b                                  d

Made by: Shah rukh khan
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