James Arthur - Impossible chords

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IMPOSSIBLE  (Shontelle) James Arthur
as played in Acoustic Version
Barr/Power Chords
Steady 4 counts for each chord 

B                               D
I remember years ago            Someone told me I should take
A                               G
Caution when it comes to love   I did, I did               And

B                               D
you were strong and I was not, My illusion, my mistake
A                                       G
I was careless, I forgot,         I did

     E                                        A
And now when all is done There is nothing to say You have gone and so
         G                                               A
effortlessly  You have won! You can go ahead tell them, tell them all I


B                               D
know now. Shout it from the rooftops,Write it on the 
A                      G        
skyline All we had is gone now. Tell them I was
B                       D
happy And my heart is broken, All my scars are
A                                 G
open Tell them what I hoped would be

B                                        D
Impossible,                             Impossible
A                                         G
Impossible,                             Impossible

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