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James Brown - Lost Someone tab

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LOST SOMEONE by James Brown from the album "Prisoner of Love"

(Verse: 1)
E             A        B
I lost someone, my love
              C#m                         A
Someone who's greater than the stars above
A       E          B
Someone who I need
Someone who don't let my heart bleed
A        E            B
Someone that's the one
                    A           B
That's the someone, that's the someone
       E    A   B   E   Bm7
That I lost

Don't go to strangers
Come on home to me
I'll love you tomorrow
I'll love you today
Help me, help me
I'm so weak
Gee whiz, I love you
I'm so weak
C#m                   A
I'll love you tomorrow

(Verse: 2)
I, I lost someone
A million to one
Ten thousand people
I'm my father's son
We need someone
Someone, the only one
That someone who needs someone
A loving some
To care for them, to care for them
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