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James Duluth - I Cant Sleep Tonight chords

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I Cant Sleep Tonight

 Kraig Erickson, 1998

James Duluth Website:

Description: That wonderful time between late, late night and early morning sunrise.

Verse 1:
The Moon is casting light upon the shadows
A                     E
Gleaming, A Pie in the Sky

The shadows are hiding the worms from the sparrows
A                             E  
Still, In the cool grass they lie.

Verse 2:
Waiting for the Sun on the horizon
A                                 E
Gleaming, from the bottom of your eyes.

In between night and the early morning sunrise,
A                          E   
Restless, in the cabin you lie.

I Cant Sleep tonight -
E                   A    
I Cant Sleep toni--ight
Naw naw naw, no no no, not tonight.

Verse 3:
Waiting for the sun on the horizon
A                           E
Sneaking, Its way up in the sky.

The birds are singing glory hallelujah
A      Am    E  
Today, Today, is another day alive. 
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