James Keelaghan - Sinatra And I chords

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Sinatra and I
-James Keelaghan
Tabbed by: TapdancingJayses

D   G  A  D   A

D                         G
I have to admit there's a strange tale between us
D                      G               A
A twisted road winding between you and I
D                              G
I was living in a cabin on the edges of Staten
D                           G          A
I was lyin' in bed, looking out at the night

A                  G           D
Grey sky exploded, fire rained down
D                           G             D
Some refinery in Jersey had burned to the ground
A                        G           D
Call me superstitious, I called it a sign.
D                    G                  A
I packed up the van, headed out for the night

D                             G
I wandered for months; it was gorgeous but somehow
D                        G         A
I didn't know what I was tryin' to find
D                                G
The last days of summer found me crossin' the border
D                                 G         A
I was feelin' quite lonely, quite out of my mind.

A                       G            D
I stopped in Regina, my spirits were low
D                               G        A
If I didn't do something, I was bound to explode.
A                               G        D
If I was gonna keep travelin' I needed a date
D                               G  A
Pulled the van to a stop at the SPCA

Bm                      G         D
There he sat curled up, back in a corner
D                       G        A
Face like a bandit, and icy blue eyes.
Bm                  G
Opened the gate and casually strolled
D                       G      A
Out of the kennel, and into my life.

NOTE: I dont' usually do this, but I'll let you figure out the rest. It's the same 
and I'm writing this in a hurry. Sorry!

So it was that Sinatra and I went a'rovin'

Yeah, that's what I called him, because of his eyes

Turns out as well, he's a pretty good singer

Though he tends more to blues than to strangers at night

Blue-eyes beside me we kept heading North

Near Whitehorse the van finally gave up the ghost

Got a job at a cafe where Sinatra begged scraps

Savin' our money for spark plugs and maps

Some nights we've both got cabin fever

We go for a walk ol' Sinatra and I

Nose in the ground, sniffing out possibilities

Me looking out through the dome of the sky.

I ask him to sit, he pays me no mind.

He'll do it his way, and I'll do it mine

That's why I liked him, once more that's why

I think there's a future for Sinatra and I.

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