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James Tommy - Mirage tab

verse 1
  F#             E                   A   F#             E               A
  I think I can fly higher than the sky. I think I can see my perfect future
  F#              E                 A
  I reach out to find it's only a mirage.
  G#                      E                             A              
  But maybe it's for the better cause I think I know it all till I slip and
         F#      E                   A
  fall. Maybe a mirage isn't a bad thing.
verse 2
  F#               E                     A         F#            
  I want alot of stuff that I think I deserve. Sometimes I feel like the 
    E              A       F#           E                   A
  world owes me something. I go to take it but it's only a mirage
  F#  E           A       F#          E                   A
  I think I'm everything.But maybe everything I am is a mirage.
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