James Vincent Mcmorrow - This Old Dark Machine chords

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James Vincent McMorrow  This old dark machine

Capo 3
       Am                     Em
Spring it came upon us, every insect filled the air 
D                                    Am                  
dropped their wings upon my brother, cast their shadows on his hair
Am                                  Em
If we follow where they're leading, we will surely come before
D                              Am
some unseen and wondrous magic made of visions to explore

          D                               Am                          
Near the town where we were living was an old abandoned farm
      D                                Am
every year we'd plant an orchid in the shelter of it's arm 
   D                                  Am   
to protect us from the madness of the future still to come
   Em                               F                  D
it will be like this forever I will keep you safe from harm
Am    Em    D     Am
Oohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo

Am                                           Em
Then they caught us in the summer dressed in fathers finest clothes
        D                           Am                     
you the hat he wore to market I the jacket filled with holes
          Am                              Em
I've been searching all these hours for a hand as pale as bone
     D                                     Am
that would keep the strongest sunlight and reflect the brightest stone

         D                               Am
Near the town where we were living was a warm and fragrant smell
       D                             Am
of the orchid we had planted. Now a forest tall and well
       D                               Am
what a statue to our greatness. What a story all will tell
        Em                           F                 D
they'll remember us forever. They'll remember where we fell
Am    Em    D     Am
Oohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo

     Am                                          G
This old dark machine, it shakes and it shudders pulls to the left,
Then dies near the gutter but still in the road, the traffic is silent
    Am                                            C
the people they stare, and then they turn violent if they should touch,
The hem of your dress. I would rise like a lion, strike out again
    C                                                  G
the faithful they wait, the faithful they wait for the sign

         D                               Am
Near the town where we were living was a loud and joyous sound
       D                                 Am
as the earth and all her beauty picked us up from off the ground
        D                            Am
carried far across the mountain to a kingdom never bound
        F                               C               D                
we will live like this forever. I will love you. I will love you. 
         Am   Em D Am
I will love Ohoohhooo

Am    Em    D     Am
Oohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo  3x
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