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Jamestown Story - Distant And Faded tab

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 Distant and Faded –By Jamestown Story (Formerly “And Then I Turned Seven”)
Tabbed by: Jonathan

Tuning: Standard
Key: C
Notes: Strum patterns are indicated only in a few instances.
       This tab is written for a single guitar, though there is some
       electric guitar in the song.

Main chords used (I have shortened the chord names):

    F    F/E    G     A     B


F    G    A    G  (x4)

F    F/E  A    G  (x2)

Note: I think the strum pattern here is: V V V^V | ^ ^V^ ^V^
      Hence, for F/E and G, the first strum is an up-strum

Verse 1:

 F                          F/E          A            G
And all these distant faded memories of everything I used to be
     F          F/E                  A           G
Are bringing me down; yeah, they're bringing me down
F                        F/E               A           G
And the leading cause of death I plead is from my insecurity
          F          F/E               A           G
And it's bringing me down; yeah, it's bringing me down


F  F/E  A   G
F  F/E  A   G


F    G    A   G
Note: The strum pattern for the second half is V^ ^ ^V | ^ ^V V^
F    F/E  A   G

Verse 2:

       F             G              A              G
Yeah, hope is all I really need to wash my selfishness and greed
                F          F/E             A           G
But there's no hope to be found; no, I've looked all around
     F            G             A             G
And if this life that I've led only leads to tears in bed
     F             F/E           A           G
Then I won't hang around; no, I won't hang around

Repeat chorus twice


Play the following riff twice:

Note: Now, one guitar plays the chords below, while the other continues playing the riff 
 You can play the chords here as power chords, if you wish.

     F          G                      A      G
Now I've come to conclusions that I'm empty
   F           G                 A      B
I thought I still had everything in me

Repeat verse 1, except last line is:

And it's bringing me down; Down...

End on G
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