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Jamey Johnson - My Saving Grace tab

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My first tab ever, hope it helps. This is one of my most favorite songs sung by Jamey Johnson

Intro C G C G

C                       G                         
Daddy's bourbon breathe was strong as gasoline,
F                                      G 
and it seemed to fuel the rage he had inside. 
C                            G
He'd come home just burning, mad, drunk, and mean, 
F                          G              
raising hell on a Saturday night. 
Am                G         F        
Mom would lock us up in her bedroom, 
         Am           G         F
he'd be lying in the hallway on our way to sunday school.

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F                           C                             
They Both in their own ways became my saving grace. 
      Am                   G            F         
Daddy passed out with his demons, momma passed the offering plate. 
F                           C
And she'd cry out to heaven protect this son of mine, 
Am                 G             F        G             C    
while daddy kept the devil off my back by taking up his time.

C                         G
Mom said nobody's perfect as we walked in the church
          F                          G
to ask the good lord to forgive him again. 
C                          G
I still recall that sermon I hung on every word That's when 
   F                        G
I learned just exactly what father really meant. 
Am                     G                F
And the angels and the people gathered round. 
Am                     G               F
I was standing in that water when the preacher laid me down.

Repeat Chorus and add at the end

Daddy kept the devil off my back by taking up his time.
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