Jamey Johnson - Living On A Song chords

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G               D             C                    G
I have slept on satin sheets, dined with kings and wine so sweet,
C                      G       C            D
Made my bed out in the street, living for a song.

G                          D          C                   G
I spent a lifetime on the road, like desperadoes chasing gold,
C                 G                  C            D
Iíve been bought and Iíve been sold, living for a song.


Lifeís so full of melodies, with words that rhyme and harmonies,
Until I write mine, Iíll always be living for a song.

I came to town a long time ago, and itís really been good to me as you all know,
But all of us rhyme runners and word hunters have some things that weíve been through,
So I wrote this song, hoping I could tell some of them to you.

I have slept on lifeís highway, muddy tears painting my face, 
A rhyme or two was my big payday, living for a song.
Using words for my lifeline, forsaking all just for a rhyme, 
Building steps I know I canít climb, living for a song.


Till I write mine Iíll always be living for a song

****Y'all help me fix this.  First time poster, and not a true musician.*****
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