Jamey Johnson - Keepin Up With The Jonesin chords

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Standard Tuning

No Capo

On the walkdown after the verses, hold your thumb on the F# (the 2nd fret) on the 
low E when you play the D chord.

Lord, I quit the drinkin, the smokin, and the honkytonk life
 (no chord)                                           A
The day that a ring and a preacher made her my wife
   E                                         B          G  A
And I said I do but I didn't have a clue how I'd miss all the whiskey and women
    E                                                A                   E
I tried to be true, but its all I can do, keepin' up with the jonesin
   D                           A                          E

Walkdown: A G D E

Man, this hectic, domestic lifestyle takes a while to adjust
       E                                              A
She don't seem to remember that ol' rowdy rambler I was
   E                                           B            G  A
Cause she calls up her friends and tells them how good I been doin
      E                                            A
But the truth is that I'm goin outta my mind, keepin up with the jonesin
                   D                     A                  E


I miss gettin high and stayin out all night with all  my old friends
             A             G          A                     E
I miss the liquor, the bartenders, the fights, the girls and the bands
              D                       A                        E
It wouldn't be so damn hard if I didn't know what Im missin
                A          G          A             E
She don't understand, Im doin all that I can, keepin up with the jonesin
               D                         A                       E


During the solo:

A   G   A   E   D   A   E

Lord it gets so hard when I know what I'm missing
              A    G         A              E
Sometimes I give in, start over again, keepin up with the jonesin
             D                A                    E
Son, I understand, it takes a hell of a man, keepin up with the jonesin
         D                     A                          E
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