Jamie T - Emilys Heart chords

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             D          G            D                            A                        D
A Bottle of wine, and an old 45, rifle in the corner that her grandfather left her when he died, 
Said no surprise,
Ive had to use it quite a few times, 
A                  G           A      
So Jay, dont you ever let us down, 
Dont you ever, 
       A                  G                       D
Ill have to shoot you and no one will hear a sound 

 D           Em         G                             
Bruised and bloody, Im lying on the ground, 
D            C         G
And I am aware that I let the poor girl down,
D           Em       G 
Now Im dying, as a message to the town, 
D            C       G
This what happens, if you fuck around, 
A                           G        A                       G
So meddle if you want trouble, trouble then you should meddle, 
A              G                    D
But dont ever meddle with Emilys heart 

          D            Em      Bm
She said, get your coat, come on, 
         D               Em         G
To the dog track with the money right, 
Yeah we had some fun, 
D          Em             G
Left with more cause we won,
         D          Em            Bm
I was under investigation on suspicion of doing her wrong, 
She said, 
D       Em        G       D         Em          G
Youve become a villain, accused of a hit and run,
         D          Em         G 
Said, she hit me first, and I, say its the worst that I ever felt, 
D    Em         G
In a broken heart. 
D     Em             Bm               D        Em        G
Bloodstains on her shirt crease and, hope she pays the dues, 
D      Em          Bm                                D             Em      Bm
When I left she said, that your last breath will be down by the station at 2, 
Swear she shot me down. 

Pretty much like that throughout :D
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