Jamiroquai - Alright chords

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These are just the main chords used. 

I love this song by the way.

    Cm7: 34353x
    Gm7: 333353
Bbmaj7: 13231x
 Cmaj7: 35453x

G#maj7: x455x4
  Gmaj: x3455x
Fmaj/A: x1230x
  Cmaj: x1023x

Intro: 2x

Cm7 ,  Gm7 , Bbmaj7 , Cmaj7 ,


G#maj7,  Gmaj,  Fmaj/A,  Cmaj,


Cm7 ,  Gm7 , Bbmaj7 , Cmaj7 ,

Last verse:  chorus chords
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