Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy chords

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Composer: Jamiroquai
Song: Love Foolosophy
Album: A Funk Odyssey
Date: 23/12/09

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Tabbed by: ThePancakeChef
Contact: mgmhuiskamp@hotmail.com

Haven't found any accurate chords for this song so I did this by hearing.
Play it with a funk ritme. Also to make it more funky, use slides on the 2nd part of the chords.

(First part)
|   Bm7   /   Em7   /   Cmaj7   /   Bm7   |  4x
Baby baby...

(second part)
|   Bm7   /   F#m7  /   C#m7    /   Em7   |  4x (use slide on these chords)
Love....fool....osophy is killing,
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