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Jason Aldean - Just Passing Through chords

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intro: B d#m g#m E 2x

[Verse 1] 

     B                               d#m
Well I can hear that rooster crowin' down the road
g#m                 F#                 E
I felt my eyes open up real slow and looked around
g#m                    c#m
Makin' sure I hadn't checked out
B                              d#m
Cause there was an angel lying next to me
g#m                        F#
And I figured heaven's where I must be
       E         d#m                   c#m       B
Oh but it was you, and baby what else could I do
In that bed I said a little prayer,

For one more day I'm still here

[ Tab from: ]
It's your world and I'm just in it
Ain't no other way to spin it
B              d#m                      g#m      F#
Lucky me just being here when I get to hold you
I'm just here to love you girl
It's your world and I'm just passing through

B F# g#m E

[Verse 2] 

I dig my heels and try to slow this down
I want my life to revolve around, everything you do
Oh but that's all up to you
Everything good seems to go so fast
It's kinda like one big party you crash you weren't counting on
One day you're here and gone
Baby all I wanna do is lay right here
And hope it all don't disappear

[Repeat Chorus] 

solo guitar: E F# E g#m F#  

[Repeat Chorus] 

B F# g#m F#

I'm just here to love you girl
F#                                     B
It's your world and I'm just passing throug
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