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Jason Chen - Autotune chords

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This song came out yesterday, after being teased for about 3 months.  Jason Chen is 
amazing!  Both at songwriting and singing.  Enjoy!

Capo 2

I was young, lost, stupid,
  G                            Am     F
Didnít know what I was doing wrong
Just eat, sleep, feeling free
  G                     Am         F
Then Iíd party all night long
  C                     G
But I would never get too worried
  Am                     F
ĎBout the little things in life
  C               G
I knew Iíd won the lottery
  Am                 F
Cause Baby canít you see

                     C               G
Just thinking about you as I sing this song
         Am                      F
Cause when youíre around I can do no wrong
     C                           G
And I'm never too sharp, never flat, Girl imagine that
     Am                 F                 C
You always know how to bring me right back
                    G                   Am
When my pitch is off, you make it alright
             F                     C  G Am
When itís all so wrong, youíre my auto tune
F                  C
You can be my auto tune

         C                 G               Am       F
Now I found my way girl, ever since you came along
         C                  G               Am      F
As I listen to the radio, pumpin' to my catchy song
        C                  G             Am         F
You mean more than a Grammy and all the money in world
        C                   G
Every time that I drift off-key girl
     Am              F
You continue to save me
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