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Jason Derulo - Ridin chords

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Tabbed by: tsulli12
Ridin' Solo By Jason Derulo
Standard Tuning

The chords used throughout the whole song are E-Bm7-Asus4/G-Asus2

E   Bm7    Dsus       Asus2

Yeeeeeyeeeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

     E                    Bm7    
I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine, 

   Dsus               Asus2
I'm loving cloud nine, my head's in the sky,

     E       Bm7
I'm solo, I'm riding solo, 

  Dsus           Asus2              E          Bm7       Dsus    Asus2
I'm riding solo, I'm ridin solo, sooloooo

The chorus and the verses use the same chords.
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