Jason Isbell - Seven Mile Island chords

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Intro D-G-D-G-Em

D               G          D
Take my body to Seven-Mile Island.

D                      G       Em
Lay my head down where Indians sleep.

D                       G               D
Take your shoes off and walk across the water.

D                      G           Em
It's been so long so I heard a man speak.

D                            G            D
Watch the spillways when the water starts rising.
D                          G        Em
Take your hat off when the sun goes down.
D                      G        D
Keep your eyes on that concrete tower.
D                     G              Em
Maybe one day it will crumble to the ground.

Bm                       G
Mary's crying 'cause she can't hold water
        D                     A
and her clothes don't fit her right.

Bm                       G
She used to say that she wanted a daughter,
        D                     A
now she only wants a Saturday night.

D                         G              D
There were days when that dusty cave was empty,
D                G           Em
back before this city made a claim
        D         G             D
on that hotel for wanderers and strangers,
       D              G                Em
back before you could live off of your name.

Bm                G
We all live in an Airstream trailer
      D                          A
about three-hundred yards up the lake.
Bm                      G
Call the doctor, Mary's going into labor
        D                     A
and you can't raise a baby on shake.

           D       G          D
So take my body to Seven-Mile Island
D                       G         Em
Lay some stones down on top of my grave.
        D           G                D        
Tell my lady I just couldn't bear to see her
        D               G           Em
Tell my daughter I just couldn't be saved.

Outro D-G-D-G-Em
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