Jason Meadows - 100 Cowboy chords

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Hello ... Do you like to play 100% cowboy ? You can enjoy this version of my 
cowboy song, but when you have better version please send me on e-mail: 
jirkaskalnik@gmail.com ... Thanks & Enjoy
100% Cowboy - by Jason Meadows / cover by Jiri Skalnik
Chords: G/B - X20033
Intro: D
Tip: When you play you can change from Bb on B.. that's a better for beginner
I don't claim to be John Wayne
Ridin' across that silver screen
I ain't that picture in your head all
These modern day wanna b's
I'm just proud that I can say
I don't wear this hat for show or fame 
And if you don't like who I am 
You got momma daddy and good Lord to blame, amen. 

      D                     C
I'm a straight up no joking, buck knife gun totting 
G                  D
give you the shirt off my back. 
Well I'm up at the crack of dawn 
work till the suns gone. 
G                       D
I ain't got time for no crap. 
   A                                C
No in not one of them posing pretty boys. 
      G                      F               D 
I'm an everyday all the way, hundred percent cowboy

             D    C  G/B
I'said I'm a cowboy
Bb           D            C  G/B
100% cowboy I'am a cowboy
      Bb                            D
Yeah, just like Chris LeDoux , I'm a cowboy

Repeat D C G/B Bb to end
Ending ... D
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