Jason Reeves - No Lies Ft Colbie Caillat chords

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Playing around. Add a capo if you can sing in a higher key LOL. First tab. Feel free to 
correct me :)

No Capo

Intro : F#m D A E


F#m        D                              A   E
  I understand you never had someone to follow

  F#m        D                                 A   E
I know you always said you'd find it your own way

F#m        D                                 A   E
You keep your feelings safe like letters in a bottle

F#m                  D                  E....
Hoping that they'd wash up on my shore someday


Don't make me wait

F#m        D                A  E
I see something hiding inside you

F#m        D             A
Secrets you are dying to say

I know you're afraid

But if you want me

D             A
Never to leave you
 E        F#m        D      A
Tell me no lies, no lies, no lies

 E                  F#m  D  A  E
Just tell me no lies

...and so on and so forth
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