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Jason Robert Brown - Stars And The Moon chords

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Stars and the Moon

D    C2 (4x) 

D2                    Bm/E
I met a man without a dollar to his name 
           G/C                         D     C2 
Who had no traits of any value but his smile 
D2                    Bm/E
I met a man who had no yearn or claim to fame 
           G/C                             D     C2 
Who was content to let life pass him for a while 
Bm7                 D2/A
And I was sure that all I ever wanted 
         G2  G2/F# G2/E  G2/D  D2/C Dsus(#3)/Bb 
Was a life like the movie stars led 
       Dsus(#3)/A                   G/A  
And he kissed me right here, and he said,

"I'll give you stars and the moon and a soul to guide you 
And a promise I'll never go 
I'll give you hope to bring out all the life inside you 
And the strength that will help you grow.
I'll give you truth and a future that's twenty times better 
   G2 G2/F# G2/E  G2/D  C2
Than any Hollywood plot."
                    G2/A      A7
And I thought, "You know, I'd rather have a yacht."

D    C2  

Repeat until End
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