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Jason Schwartzman - Ethans Song Little Locked Room tab

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If you're looking at this tab, I'm sure I don't have to tell you it came from the movie
 This little piece written and performed by Jason Schwartzman (playing the character
Ethan") is shown at the end of the movie and I thought it had a great melody.  So here 
go Slackers!  It's the only one on the internet, I've checked.  I can be 
contacted at

Standard Tuning
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(C) I love you,
But (Em) I hate you.
(Am) Which brings to mind
How (G) much I love you.
(C) We could've worked this (Em) out, ya know.
In a (F) little room,
In a (G) little, locked room.
(C) I'm sorry you had to (Em) settle for Dave,
The (Am) one dimensional man (G).
He's (C)filed under "cocksucker" in (Em) my little black book.
(F) Sweetness can (G) rot your teeth.
(F) Bittersweet (G) can cover me,
(C) But you hold the key,
(D) You hold the key
(Fm) To my (C) little locked room.
(C) You hold the key,
(D) You hold the key
(Fm) To my (C) little locked (Em) love (Am).

Please let (F)(Fm) me out (C) soon (Em)(Am).

C  - 032010 or x35553
Em - 022000
Am - x02210
G  - 320003 or 355433
F  - 133211
D  - xx0232 or x57775
Fm - x/8/10/10/9/8