Jason Upton - Will Of God chords

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Will of God - Jason Upton

Verse 1:
I'm tired of living in this world of sin
Tired of living in this game we're in
Been to town and now I'm back again 
tired of living for the pride of men

A/D                      Esus4    F#m
And the world may think I'm crazy 
        A/D              Esus4    F#m
when I don't run with them
      A/D             Esus4   F#m
But it's just plain idolatry, 
     Bm7               Esus4
when God can't have all of me

F#m         D           Esus4       A/C#
I want to live for the will of God
    D                Esus4
Oh Lord, I want to follow
F#m                 D
With all of my mind, 
        Esus4     A/C#    Bm7
all my heart and all my soul
           Esus4          A/D
I want to follow you Oh Lord

Verse 2:
How much time will I keep wasting?
How much cheap wine will I keep tasting?
Been to church and now I'm back again
Tired of living for the pride of men

*Chorus all day long	
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