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Jason White - Ghost Of Thoreau chords

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Ghost of Thoreau  - by Jason White (from the album Shades of Gray)

Mr. LaBoone helped me with's primarily his handy work.  So, 
thank you Mr. LaBoone.

Chord voicings used for this song: 
E: 076450    C#m: x46654   G#m7: 464444   
A: x07650    B: x24400     A (at the end of line 6): x02220

Tab for the main riff, played 4x in the intro and pretty much every time a line 
ends with an E chord:
E                         C#m            G#m7
 I scoured the wasteland,   scorched and seedy 
A                  B             E
 Looking for the writing on the wall
E                    C#m              G#m7
 But all I found was   some fool’s graffiti 
A                   B         E 
 On the door of a shithouse stall
C#m              B             A             E    
  I crawled the miles between living and survival 
C#m                   B            A
  Where priests and princes seldom go
E                      C#m         G#m7   
  That’s how I came to   my late arrival   
A                       B           E
  At the house of the ghost of Thoreau
(All other verses follow the same chord progression as the first)

Out where the everclear kneels to kiss the wildwood
And caress the breast of Mother Earth
I stood like a scarecrow in the land of my childhood 
And called out the demons of my birth
I screamed the question, “Why do we keep on guessing 
At something we all already know?”
I wasn’t sure who I was addressing when 
Up walked the ghost of Thoreau

Yes the wisdom of your kingdom has escaped my grasp
So don’t you come by unless you bring some 
Answers to the questions I ask
I’ll bury them on a hillside greener than your money
Where your towers of greed can never grow
You’ll find me by the fire playing gin rummy 
And drinking with the ghost of Thoreau

Instrumental (same chords as verses)

I’ve seen you flying high all across the jet stream 
Escaping all you’ve laid to waste
Safe and secluded in your blue-blooded wet dream 
With all bitter memories erased
Miles and miles above the huddling masses 
And pointing at their ghettos down below
And when you come down you can kiss two asses 
Mine and the ghost of Thoreau’s

NOTE: This song also sounds cool (and the main lick is easier to play, too) if you 
put a Kyser-style capo on the 4th fret “upside down,” leaving the low E string 
open.  Then play all chords two whole steps lower: 
C / Am / Em7 / F / G / C
C / Am / Em7 / F / G / C
Am / G / F / C / Am / G / F
C / Am / Em7 / F / G / C
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