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Jawbreaker - Million chords

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Dear You
1995 Jade Tree Records
Submitted by:

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -   022100
B -   x24442
C#m - x46654
A -   x02220
F#m - 244222
D -   xx0232

Intro: E--C#m-- x4

Verse 1:
E            A
  Would that you could touch 
     C#m        B
this angel in a clutch of snakes
E           A            C#m B
  Oh pretty pretty I'm aflame
E          A
So excited so unslept
C#m               B
Somewhat littered so unswept
E              A               C#m B
  You have to sleep before you wake

Chorus 1:
  I am spilled and poured
  I am peeled and cored
A                       B
  I am hanging from the floor
  Flicker like a freak 
  through a sleepless week
A                       B
  In a black cell of forever

Post Chorus: E-A-C#m-B- x2

Verse 2:
E           A
  There's a point to this
  C#m             B
A point I think I often miss
E           A
  Oh clever clever
             C#m   B
where's your heart?
E         A               C#m
  You can turn a phrase until 
it reads a million ways
E             A
  It makes no sense but 
        C#m           B
it's as good as it is sad

Chorus 2:
  I am sad elated
  I am segregated
  There's this 
stitching and it's itching
  All my friends are dead
  Asleep in distant beds
  At least these 
enemies stay close

Bridge 1:
F#m               A
   Take me to the pretty ones
C#m               B
   I want to be a pretty one
F#m              A
    Sign me to a nice girl 
E                  D(hold)
 so she can ruin me eternally

Interlude: E--C#m-- x4

Verse 3:
     E            A
They offered me a million bucks
C#m             B
All I want's a steady fuck
E            A               C#m B
  Oh steady steady where are you?
E              A
Channer surf a sea of static
C#m               B
See the prize but you can't have it
E                   A
  There's something thankless 
     C#m     B
in a wish fulfilled

Chorus 3:
  I am thrilled and bored
  I am unskilled adored
A                         B
  All of both and none of one
  I would kill for more
  I haven't killed before
A                            B
  I could set this heart on stun

Bridge 2:
F#m               A
   Take me to the pretty ones
C#m              B
   I want to be original
F#m             A
   Sign me to a nice girl 
  so I can sing her 
something meaningful

Interlude: E--C#m-- x4

E       A             C#m
  In my perfect world I'd
be signed to a nice girl
E          A    C#m         B(hold)
  It would cost one million kisses
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