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Jay Farrar - Clear Day Thunder tab

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Intro: D Asus4 G C X3


D                    Asus4
Clear day thunder is all we've ever known
G                         C
On in to the stage of the game
D                    Asus4
Like a cancer taking over
G                      C
Now souls are conquering

Riff: (In stone steel and bright lights it is all hammer ons, but in sebastopol theya re 
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End riff on G, the C, then riff again, G, C verse chords.

D                        Asus4
Habitats of idle are the last to know
G                         C
Till a crack in the dozer bull
D                          Asus4
prefab scenes in perennial haste
G                                      C
Proclamations for the better this is a changing phase
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