Jay Jay Pistolet - Vintage Red chords

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Chords: used C Am Dm G G7
Capo 3
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         C       Am
You're a vintage red
Dm        G
Beef well fed
           C      Am
You're the Tuscan sun
           Dm   G
You're the only one
    C     Am     Dm        G
But all I really want, you see
      C        Am         Dm     G
Is to know you through to some degree

           C        Am
You're the mountain air
Dm         G
All things fair
        C          Am
You are Portofino, San Marino,
Dm           G
Monte Carlo, Grand Casino
C         Am     Dm        G
But all I really want, you know
      C        Am          Dm      G          C    G C G7
Is to know you through and take it slow for a while

C            Am
You are everything to me
    Dm               G
The last decree, the guarantee
    C               Am
And I would go back underground
   Dm            G
If ever you were not around

You're a cashmere sweater
Handwritten letter
You are blonde on blonde
But a whole lot better
And all I really want from you
Is a bit of time where time is due

You're a damn good read
I think we're all agreed
That there is not a word in any verse 
that you do not exceed
So all I think that's left to say
Is you ain't half bad, hell, you're okay to me

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