Jay Semko - Due South Theme chords

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Caught this show on BBC2 the other day and was reminded how much I liked 

the theme song as a kid.  Had a go at figuring out the chords and what i 

came up with was different to the other tab on here so i though I'd post 

it. Wierdly I think the chords on the other tab are closer to the original 

than mine, eg. the lead in to teh chorus is definately D ,C rather than 

Am7sus4 Cadd9, but for acoustic strum-along covers these chords just seem 

to work better. Keeping the 3rd fret on teh top 2 strings held down on all 

the chords seems to work really well.


G:	(320033)
Em7:	(022033)
Cadd9:	(x32033)
Am7sus4 (x02233)
D:	(xx0232)

Capo 2nd fret.


G	G, Em7, Cadd9

Verse 1:

    G                            Em7      Cadd9
Highway to the nothern sky will carry you away
    G                                Em7                 Cadd9    
You know you have to leave here, you wish that you could stay
         Am7sus4                                Cadd9
There's four directions on this map, but you're only going one way


Em7 Cadd9 D           G
Due South, that's the way I'm going
Em7 G Am7sus4
Duuue  South
Em7            Cadd9                 D              G
Saddling up my travelling shoes, I'm bound to walk away these blues
Em7 G Am7sus4 G
Duuuuuuuuuuue South

Verse 2:

You can walk a hundred thousand miles and never find a home,
You always knew someday you'd have to strike out on your own,
You look up at the clouds and you can see which way the wind is blowing


Solo section play verse and chorous chords


Outro play verse chords

There hope that makes sense, fairly simple and fun  to play. Let me know 

what you think.
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