Jaya - I Just Fall In Love Again tab

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Intro: C-D-F-Dm-G

            C       D/C
Dreamin I must be dreamin
 F             G              C-G
Or am I really lyin here with you
            C         D
Baby, you take me in your arms
            F        D/F#
And though Iím wide awake
I know my dream is comin true
   Em-Am           Dm      G
And oh I just fall in love again
C                    Am
Just one touch and then
         D/F#    G
It happens every time
         Em Am    Dm      Bdim7
And there I go just fall in love again
 E          Am-D
And when I do
            Dm                  G    C (intro)
Canít help myself, I fall in love with you
Verse: do cp verse
Magic it must be magic
The way I hold you and the 
Night just seems to fly
Easy, for you to take me to a star
Heaven is that moment
When I look into your eyes
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
Öyou oh
Bbm                Ebm
Canít help myself
            Ab             Db-Eb/Db-C-Ebm  Ab-Db
I fall in love with you . . .

Title: I Just Fall In Love Again
Artist: Jaya
     Mga tol madali lang to . . . 
madali lang naman ang pag strum
Meron kasi akong CD na to kaya pag nakikinig 
ako eh sinsabayan ko
Sa pagtugtod  . . . 
just wanna say hi to my Batch at Holy Cross 
Lagangilang ung mga asteeg na mga tol at mga mhal  . . .
     Siguro mga 90% correct tong tab na basta , , , 
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